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We keep an extensive stock of pumps, parts, and mechanical seals in our $1mm+ inventory and strive to ship products to meet your required delivery schedules. The products we distribute include centrifugal, gear, metering, and air diaphragm pumps, as well as pump/mixer mechanical seals. We are a firm dedicated to the industrial pump and seal business, with knowledge and experience to meet the majority of your pumping needs.

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industrial lobe pump

Industrial Lobe pump

The AL Industrial positive displacement pump is capable of pumping shear-sensitive fluids while providing
a good non-pulse flow. The non-contacting lobe design of the AL allows for continuous trouble-free pump
operation where other pumps fail. Optional single wing lobes are available for larger particulate applications.
All AL Series rotary lobe pumps come pre-drilled for flush and optional relief valve covers and heating jackets
are available.
The AL Series features front-loading seals that can be installed without disconnecting the piping, reducing
down time and maintenance expense. The AL is easily modified in the field making it the most versatile rotary
lobe positive displacement pump in the market today.


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